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Everybody wants to get attention, but only a few actually get it.


Digital Marketing experienced fast growth over the last ten years, forcing marketers to face new challenges. Today, customer experience across the sales process is the main focus of every business. Learning what catches people’s attention is essential to boost marketing efforts. Indeed, getting people’s attention is the most prominent challenge marketers have to deal with. There’s an overflow of information and endless content options to choose from and consume, narrowing people’s attention span drastically. This has forced marketers to improve content strategies, making brand storytelling more essential

What’s A Sales Pitch?

In a world where getting people’s attention has become the primary goal, you need to understand what a sales pitch is. Usually, the first idea that comes to mind is the typical bothersome slideshow full of numbers and data, led by a sales team. But a sales pitch is far more than that. You can break it down into many parts. The first one is known as ‘elevator pitch’ because it should be presented within the same time it takes an elevator to go up.


The whole process of converting a prospect into a customer is a multiple-stage endeavor. So, you will need a sales playbook to guide them from a cold call to a sale. However, the tips you will find in this article are useful for every stage of the buyer’s journey. Bear in mind that a sales pitch is a presentation to generate interest in you and your business.


You should be aiming for a 5-minute attention span from your client. Ideally, it should be no longer than 30 seconds, that’s why the storytelling aspect is so challenging to master. With the first 30 seconds, you can snap up 5 minutes of attention. Thus, with the next 5 minutes, you will obtain a zoom call (or even better, a meeting in-person).


The first approach with your prospects is key to determining your sales success. If you want the best sales team to develop an engaging sales pitch, outsourcing is the answer.


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«You should be aiming for a 5-minute attention span from your client. Ideally, it should be no longer than 30 seconds, that’s why the storytelling aspect is so challenging to master. «

How To Successfully Master Your Sales Pitch

As we stated before, mastering the art of a sales pitch is hard work. You need to know your prospects like the back of your hand to get better results. Sometimes, companies overestimate their knowledge about their customers, thus leading them to make huge mistakes. To avoid this common pitfall, there are a few bits of advice you should consider to attract the right customers and know exactly what they want.


In the first place, remember that lead generation is not only about quantity but quality. Get the most out of data analytics to understand your prospect’s behavior and preferences and pay extra-special attention to what prompts or limits their purchase decisions.


Secondary to that, but also relevant: get to know your customers’ pain points. Can your product or service solve your prospects’ pain points? To make this process simpler, you can list problems that your products can solve, and it’ll be easier for your teams to show the value of those products.

Another critical element to consider is never forgetting your existing customers. Even though sales teams are always being pushed to look for new customers, taking care of the existing ones is of utmost importance. A long-term customer-business relationship is vital to building an excellent reputation through referrals and customer loyalty. Turning clients into ambassadors is one of the best things that can happen to a business because they tend to sell for you, for free.


So, with all that said. Let’s go back to how you can build a highly-engaging (and converting) sales pitch. Typically, you want to aim for a short and compelling phrase or message designed to quickly grasp (and keep) your potential customer’s attention and drive their purchasing decision.

Depending on how persuasive the hook is, you will raise your prospect’s interest in your products and leave them wanting more. Now, if you want to hook the right prospects and boost sales, check these five tips below.

5 Sales Pitch Tips To Hook Your Prospects

  1. Start With A Question
    To begin a successful sales pitch conversation, try starting with a question. This is insanely better than delivering your prospect a couple of facts about your products or services. By starting your pitch with a question, you are «tricking» your customer into replying and taking an active role in the conversation. Notice how your pitch is now no longer a monologue rather than a two-way dialogue.Extra tip: Yes/No questions won’t get you very far.
  2. Wave Them In A Story.
    Engage customers with a compelling and engaging story about how they can benefit from your products or services. Place your brand and your products as the solutions for a specific problem your customers may be facing in their daily lives. By telling a story, you can connect with your prospects’ emotions and achieve a deeper connection with them.
  3. The Prospect Is Always The Hero
    Make your potential customer the hero in the story you’re painting. Show them exactly how their lives will be better by purchasing your solution. If they realize they have an unsolved problem that you and only you can solve, and they can visualize the improvement, you are well underway to making a sale.
  4. Pack A Punch For The Finale
    Save the best for last. Throw your product/service’s best feature at the end to make your prospects’ heads raving with need. So far, you have led them expertly through your story. Your prospect sees himself as the hero and is well aware of his problem and that you hold the key to his salvation. Now it’s time to pounce. Throw him an offer he can’t refuse, and boom: conversion!
  5. In The End, Less Is More
    Make your sales pitch short and sweet to leave your prospects wanting more. Like a box of chocolates, it always tastes sweeter when you don’t know what flavor they’re filled with. There is no need to tell your prospects all your business can do for them in the first approach. Short pitches can be very engaging if you really know your prospects’ pain points. Plus, you save everybody a few yawns!

The Perfect Sales Pitch Will Deliver Better Sales Results

The race for people’s attention in the digital era is getting more savage every day. Telling an attractive and engaging story that makes customers feel connected with your brand will undoubtedly lead to more sales. If you want to boost your sales, you need an expert sales team to develop and manage the best strategies.

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